addition: author spotlights.

Hey guys. :) Aside from my first review, no one else has done one yet! That's fine! No rush. ^^ I might do another soon. But first...I thought of an addition to this world that maybe people would be interested in:

Author spotlights.
I'll add this to the "rules" up in the intro. But what do you think? Instead of just posting book reviews, you can also post what I'll call an "author spotlight." If there's an author you really like, you can write a post just about them. What books they've written, what books you've read by them, what their style's like, what sorts of things they always like to have in them, if they have websites or blogs, or if you know their personalities, etc. Things like that. :) Because I know that I love certain authors a lot. If I have a book by them, most likely I love it, but maybe I read it a while ago and don't remember exactly what happened to write a review...I might write an author spotlight on them instead and just be real general about the things they've written and why I like them so much.

Does that make sense? What do you think? If you want, I can write one first to set an example as well...but yeah. XD Happy reading and writing, people! <3