Welcome to books are love! I decided to create this world because I'm an avid reader. Or at least one of fantasy books, and I tend to want to ramble on my other worlds about the books I've been reading...so why not make a world for it? It's open to anybody. So if you want to be a guest poster, please send me a PM!! I hope you enjoy it! :)

I've decided on some rules when you post your reviews or book ramblings:

  • When you post, please put the book's title and author in the title of the post!
  • Either at the end or beginning of your review/rambling, please give some "warnings" to what's in the book. Example: "This book contains girls/boys love, profanity, sex scenes, lots of violence etc..." just so it's known in case someone has an aversion to it!
  • Oh, and also along with the warnings, do say right away what genre the book is!
  • If there are spoilers, do use the spoiler bars. But make sure to say *SPOILER* first...some people like to see what's under the black bars regardless lol.
  • It'd be nice, if you do a review, to have some sort of rating at the end. :) Like a #/10 or a letter grade! <--these are preferred
  • Please use proper grammar. Or at least to the best of your abilities! So no chatspeak (but "lol", "omg", and "wtf" can be used SPARSELY. No "omg this wz ze bst book evrrrr 4rlz.")
  • If you can find one, do post a picture of the cover of the book. *optional*
  • You may review a whole series at once! If you read a whole one and think it's easier to do that instead of book by book, go right ahead. :) Just make sure the previous rules are still applied!(like the warnings, be specific if one book has something others don't.) And list the titles of the books in the series at the beginning.
  • Finally, even though I love love love manga, and I feel they are books like others, this world is reserved for novels, ok?

In addition to book reviews, you may also write an author spotlight (click link for the post regarding those). That would be basically a general overview/review of an author that you like. :) See my (Angel Zakuro) posts for examples of how these should be done.

That's all I can think of for now. ^_^ I hope you don't mind! *hugs* So enjoy! And share the world with all your book-loving friends!

Please PM me to let me know when you do write a review/spotlight! I don't get the notifications in my backroom when people do guest post or comment.


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book challenges.

I am going to do this little post to advertise the great Book Challenge 2013 Timechaser came up with. The original number is 50, but feel free to set your goal to any amount that would be a reasonable goal for you! The whole point is to read more for fun. :)

I know time isn't the easiest thing to come by, so 50 might not be attainable for everyone. I know it isn't for me lol. As much as I love reading, I've been finding less and less time each day to fit in reading for enjoyment [which is sad]! So I will not be announcing an official number for myself (if it's more than one per month, I will be overjoyed), but I will list what I've read and am currently reading here.

Now then, read, enjoy, laugh, cry, [maybe post some reviews here on this World] and all that good stuff. <3 Take care~

My 2013 List:

Finished Reading:

  • 1. Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz
  • 2. Crescendo by Rachel Haimowitz
  • 3. Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey
  • 4. Magic's Promise by Mercedes Lackey
  • 5. Magic's Price by Mercedes Lackey
  • 6. Melusine by Sarah Monette
  • 7. The Virtu by Sarah Monette
  • 8. The Mirador by Sarah Monette
  • 9. Corambis by Sarah Monette
  • 10. Brightly Burning by Mercedes Lackey
  • 11. Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner
  • 12. The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke

Well, my 2013 total was indeed 12! Lol. One per month, as I thought. Too bad I couldn't read more than that, but that's ok. I like to absorb each sentence! Of these that I read, I'll give some awards lol:

  • Most disappointing ending: Brightly Burning
  • Most surprisingly addictive (after getting past the boring beginning): Swordspoint
  • Also most addictive: Melusine
  • Sexiest (M/M romance): Counterpoint & Crescendo
  • Most touching and sweetest ending that made me wanna cry: Magic's Price
  • Most aggravating (this book did not sit well compared to the others in the series: Mirador
  • Best overall series: The Last Herald Mage trilogy (Magic's ___)

Not sure if I'll do a list for 2014 or not...but yeah. There you go. XD Happy new year!

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The Last Herald-Mage series by Mercedes Lackey.

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Vampire Academy Series

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this world still exists.

Indeed, it does. I know I've mistreated it for about a year lol. So sad. And I've read plenty of books to review, but I've been too lazy to bother with writing reviews. >> Lol. But anyway, I'll try to make myself write a review of the books I just read. :] But this post is mostly just to bring your attention back to here! If you are a guest poster, feel free to write some reviews! If you want to be a guest poster, just ask me! I know that some of you are interested in doing that 50 book challenge [Timechaser's 50 Book Challenge]...so here is a great place to come and talk about what you've been reading~~~

Yes, that is all. XD Thanks for reading this nothingness. Take care!