Hallo and welcome to my simple feeble little worls

Name:Natasha Walker


Birthday:January 25

Loves:Soul Eater, potatoes, art, online friends

Hates:Most of my RL friends, thefts, People who say you can't like the same Character cause they like them. people who are full of themselves & think their better than everyone when their not. ect

About Me:

I'm pretty much random and easily amused



Sorry about the last post, I didn't mean it, I just went through a mental breakdown. I'm all right now so no worries.

Dragon Ball Saga Notes

I am making notes that are like episode guides to help with my Dragon Ball original character fan fiction. My story starts out in the first dragon ball series. I will also have notes on what my character may be doing at that time, but remember that fate is never written in stone.

If you would like for me to post my notes on what I have just let me know. But when I do have my story I promice they will be better than my notes.


Hello my otaku peeps I am back and ready to cause mayham XD so sit back relax and enjoy new art work I'm going to put up (If I deside to XD)

P.S. I Missed Y'all

Moving users

I am Moving To a Diffrent User, why You ask? well You may think this reason compleatly stupid, unless you were Someone I'm Very close to like my naibor she would Know exactly why. but my reason is there is a compleatly horible thing that went on for many years while I was under this name. I just reasently got rid of it but now I am tring to get rid of the memories and in order to do that I have to get rid of anything that was related to the insident. stupid yes but that is just how work. I will send each idivisual an Note saying Blaqk Moon so you know it's me, but no worries the name is still going to be some what obvious. any questions fell free to ask.


Okay I made alot and I mean alot of changes of Haruka. (Still in love with that bastard Sasuke) For starters her name ain't even Haruka anymore, It's Taichi (I always loved that name). ya know, It'll just be easer to make a list of what changed and what didn't.

The Changes:
Name: the name is Taichi insteed of Haruka

Hair: It's longer in Part II and in part I it's more messed up.the color of the hair is a Khaki color insted of a Navy blue color

Eyes: The eyes are yellow insteed of purple

Outfit: Self explainitory (other words I'll explin the outfit in the picture comments)

Personality: she's a little mentle but sane well Hard to explain I'll show that in the bloody doujin (yes I am still going to work on it)

The Same:
Relationship: She's still with Sasuke and still Harasses the shit out of him XD

Village: still in The Village Hidden in the Mist (I love that Village)

Gender: She's still a girl. But she still will have that boy look in part I (Best Idea I ever had)

that is all I can think of... there are going to be things I'll mention in the picture so yeah.