My aim with this world is to advertise artists.

I personally met very amazing ones who don't get even a quarter of the recognition they deserve. To fix this, I made a place where they will get attention.

This World will run on Private Messages sent to me. If you happen to come across someone you admire, PM the person to me and I will pick a 2-3 works from his gallery and say a few words about them.

It doesn't mean that popular artists won't be Featured here. If you want to nominate yourself, it's perfectly alright, PM me with your wish. Don't be sad if the person you told me about doesn't get featured right away.

I don't promise this, but once every few days I will post here a piece of work that caught my attention, it's like the Featured Fandom but on a much smaller scale.

Enjoy, and don't forget to PM people whom you think deserve some extra love <3

waiting... by itemlicious

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If you have yet to check this one out, then hurry up and click the picture.
It's an amazingly detailed fanart, the colors are vivid and fresh and although the coloring style is different, the cute character doesn't stand out oddly from the background. It all belongs together.

Beside the Snowman by AlexaClyne

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I'm not a big fan of chibi, but this caught my heart. It's adorable from all points of view, plus the style itself is cute, not overreacted like most chibi are. This one's great, really stands out from the crowd <3

Kingdom by HitomiTatsuyo

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This gorgeous piece of fanart is so unique and dreamy that it made me picture myself in the city behind the character. The cheerful colors makes it very pleasant to look at, give a comfortable feeling inside, while the Art Nouveau style accomplishes simplicity, making sure the drawing in not overpowered by details.

[Sidenote: I'm thinking of making guest posters for this world, for some reason I can't seem to manage it alone. Opinions?]

Words Hurt Forever

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I strongly suggest you read the description and think about this drawing and its true meaning very well.
I'm sure it applies to everyone, we all had our moments in life when either we were made fun of or we dissed other people ourselves.
Words hurt like hell, I know it too well, and not only, as I quote a user who commented "Sometimes, it's not only words that hurt. Sometimes, it's what you do. You may not even notice it, but you could be making someone feel like crap just by sitting a little further away from them."

Red - Happy New Year!

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This is a truly epic drawing. The idea and snowy textures are dreamy, but what gives it the epic award is the girl's haircut. I simply can't take my eyes off it, I spent a lot of time, ever since I saw this drawing, placing that hair on my head and looking cool in my imagination.