Hey guys^^ This is my new world called Anime Oishii :) Its a world all about funny and informaitve anime things. It will usually contain images and very less words so that your time doesn't get wasted alot in reading stuff...Enjoy this world guys :)

What's Your Anime Series Title?

Well, mine is Bravo Squad Girl! That'll be something! xD
So, tell me yours. :D

And, I swear I'll submit my SS Fanart gift today...Just to remind myself. Lol.

What gnere of Anime would you live in?

I'd live in romantic comedy. xD Its the safest and most refreshing genre. Lol

Wbu? It'd be fun if you write your your reason for choosing the genre. ;)


Whats your Anime? Now give it a name!

Well, long time, no see! xD
I am back and back with a tough one!
So, lets see whats mine: I may as well be from Guilty because that hits my description. Idk. :P Well, shall have some fun with this.

Birthday Game! Wait, what that thing with the parents? xD

I got Hinata and Yui....Idk which anime they're from, Zzzzzzz. Dx
Tell me yours though. xD

Btw, got electricity back after 3 days.^^