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Lyrics: Sleeping at Last - Saturn

Picture details to come after my little description.

So, this song is called Saturn, and it's always been a beautiful song to me. But, it's more than that. My brother died a little over a year ago and I miss him dearly, and this song reminds me of him. He was by no means a soft lyrical guy, if you asked him what his favourite music was it would definitely be the raunchiest rap music you've ever heard.

The lyrics of this song are what remind me of him. How life has carried on after he passed away, and how he truly fought for everything he had the few months he was alive after getting out of prison. He had turned his life around, he found God, he wanted to be there for his son, he truly made me believe in how beautiful this world could be. You just had to get it at the right angle. How desperately I wanted to say the things to him I never was able to before he left us, I was so proud of him and he never knew that. I was still the little sister that gave him hell for every stupid decision he made, because no one else did.

This man, this idiotic inked up ginger, he's the one who fought for me the hardest. He made sure that I never made the mistakes he did, he made sure I never knew how bad it truly was in his life. He cared about his son, even though he technically wasn't his. He cared for the mother of his child, he tried to support her as best he could. He loved hard and he never stopped trying to make up for all the things he put my parents through. I love that stupid idiot, and I truly hope he knew that.

Now that I'm thoroughly drowning in my tears, here's specifics about the wallpaper.

Render: [ x ]
Textures: [ x | x ]
Brushes: Obsidian Dawn Clouds and Glitter Smoke
Fonts: Trajan Pro & Signerica Fat Regular
Layers: 15
Time: 1 Week

This is my submission to the "Inspiration is Everywhere" challenge, because this song inspires me to never forget how fleeting life truly is.

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