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I was supposed to put this up ages ago. oTL

ALRIGHT~ So, for this challenge I chose to re-work my oldest wall submitted on this site! That's right, this is a remake of my very first wallpaper here x3 *warm fuzzy feelings* I look at the old one and cringe, but then I remember that I only had paint and knew NOTHING about wallpaper-ing >.>; I'd like to think I've come a long way ^^ When I think back to my first walls, I also remember all the people that helped me out and gave me confidence as well...that's why I can't bring myself to remove them. <3

The concept for this wall was simple, his smile is deceiving so don't be fooled. And he is deceiving, Sougo is a sadist. I'm happy to say I'm actually content with the rework and was glad to take up this challenge and finally do something that I'd wanted to for awhile. So, great idea Hime-chan ^^ Thanks for the motivation at last.

Sougo-Found on Google, original found at Photobucket.
Background: Here
Textures-Bokeh searched up and collected from Google.

ORIGINAL WALLPAPER!! <--Prepare to gasp >.>'

Gintama Wallpapers
Bishie, Gintama, Okita, Shinsengumi, Sougo
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