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I made this wallpaper because I love the movie Tangled. There's no Tangled wallpapers yet so I decided to make one. I love this movie because of the story and I liked how Disney put their own original spin on a classic fairy tale. I liked how Rapunzel's hair had powers and it was just so cool. I loved the animation and I loved the characters to pieces. I especially liked Rapunzel and Flynn(later revealed to be named Eugene). Great story, great art, and great characters. What's not to like about this movie? I don't want say anything much about the plot because I don't want to give it away for those who haven't seen this movie yet.Spoilers are beyond this point!
But I'll talk about the movie a little bit, it starts out the queen and king having a young child. The queen gets really sick and they search for a special flower. It's because the queen drinks the soup made from this flower that gives Rapunzel her rare golden hair. An evil which kidnapps her because of her magical hair and throughout the movie, Rapunzel gets more and more independant. It's her birthday and she wants to see the floating lights in the sky. Her kindgdom sends them out for hopes that one day the lost princess will return. It's later revealed that Rapunzel is the lost princess. Gothel only wanted Rapunzel for her magical hair. She later returns to the kingdom with Flynn/Eugene and they lived happily ever after but not without a few sacrifices. One of them being Rapunzel's hair being cut. For my wallpaper I wanted it to be really light hearted. I really like how turned out overall. I used some brushes in the background just as an accent. I found this cute image of Rapunzel and Flynn swinging on her hair. It's amazing what she can do with her hair lol. I just loved this movie so much and I hope everyone likes this wallpaper. Dedicated to Angel Zakuro because she likes this movie too and because she's a good friend. Also the lyrics are from Taylor Swifts song Enchanted. If you haven't listened to it,it's a really good song.

Tangled Wallpapers
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