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Light This Endless Dark
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1920 x 1080 version here~ Based on the alternate version of the card this is inspired by, I also made purple versions of this wall, which you can find here. Personally, I prefer the original version for the card and the purple version of the wall.

This is dedicated to my dear Kelsey, who liked the card and wanted a wallpaper version of it. It turned out to be more difficult than I expected because I thought all I needed to do was paste the image over the card and re-paste the textures to fit the new canvas size. Boy, was I wrong. One of the textures looked terrible so I had to pick another one then, of course, repaint the shading (both shadows and highlights). I didn't mind it, though, I love adding lighting 8D Naturally, I payed more attention to the shading since the image is bigger, so I hope it doesn't look off.

Oh, and I also added some bokeh for effect, it's more subtle than the one in the card because I wanted to focus on the textures and lighting rather than the "pretty" effects. Bokeh's become so trendy recently, I see it all over the place! And this time there's no text since I end to shun away from it in wallpapers; no matter how I place it, it looks off to me XP I love seeing other people's typography, though!

One more thing: this marks the completion on challenge #9 on my wallpaper challenges list, "Yaoi" (challenge thingy inspired by SaxGirl, not the yaoi theme itself XP). I chose only 20 themes since I could never make 100 wallpapers in a reasonable amount of time XD And because I wanted to make the challenge extra hard, all the wallpapers must have only guys in them~

Credits and stuff
Inspired by my card.
Scan: by Oriya
Textures: lassekorsgaard (#58), cloaks, Desktop Anime (doesn't host textures anymore)

That's about it, comments, faves, hugs and/or rotten tomatoes are welcome and very appreciated 8D

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Asato, bl, bokeh, couple, grunge, kiss, Konoe, Lamento, painted, yaoi
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