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View the original dual screen version here~

Happy b-day again, Dev! ^_^' This is the (in)famous part 2 of your gift, which I promised like, what, 2 months ago? XD Sorry, you know I'm not good with deadlines... I just hope you'll like it, and that you won't be disappointed with it.

Hmm, what can I say, I advise against viewing the standard and widescreen versions because they don't do this wall justice at all; in fact, a lot is cut off and still looks kind of bad, even though I tried to make it look good. You just can't compare it to the original. Oh, and I didn't want to put black bars instead of cutting off more because it would've looked even worse >_>

You have a walkthrough below, I can't explain things more clearly than I did there, plus I can't find anything else that is useful to say.

Now to go on my long-awaited, well-deserved walling hiatus :3 I'll be doing vectors from time to time, but walling won't be on my list for a while.

Other details you might find interesting:
PSD file size: 116 MB
Number of layers: 270 (seriously, when did they become so many?)
Texture: Desktop Anime
Scan used: Don't Look Down by merrisusa
Walkthrough: click here~
Favorites and/or comments are welcome and very appreciated, of course <3

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