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I was supposed to submit this earlier, but I stupidly forgot ;_; And I remembered only after SG posted about her birthday. Sorry! *bows*
I don't even know if you like pink or the Powerpuff Girls, but I wanted to go with a cute and lighthearted atmosphere :D I'm not crazy about the PPG or pink either, but I think it works for a humorous scene.

The scene's from the episode The Mane Event; Bubbles and Buttercup are obsessed over Blossom's long, beautiful hair and have a combing contest (which one can style Blossom's hair better). In the end, Blossom gets mad and asks them to stop, so they undo the hairstyles; in the process, Buttercup tugs too much at her hair and rips out some chunks XD Of course, Blossom doesn't realize what's going on and gets suspicious. Bubbles and Buttercup try to fix what they can, but end up making it worse XD Long review!

I tried some premade patterns for the wallpaper, but they didn't fit, and going with the simple pink color from the show would have been boring, so I made a pattern using the heart shape in PS ^_^ I made the hearts a lighter color so as not to draw too much attention and just be a detail.
I vectored this image because it was just too cute, and decided to stick to PPG's style of thick outlines and no shadows.
I just love the chunk of hair Buttercup's holding XD

The Powerpuff Girls are (C) Craig McCraken
Comments, hugs and faves are welcome and very appreciated <3

Powerpuff Girls Wallpapers
bed, blossom, bubbles, buttercup, hair, hearts, oops, pink, powerpuff girls, ppg
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