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I highly recommend the wide screen version. The others have ugly black lines on the top and bottom parts because I didn't want to chop off from the sides.

I'm alive and kicking! And finishing old works! This one has been in my Projects folder since...July 10th? No way, my computer's lying. I know it's been there since at least May. The manga is called Akuma na Eros (Satanical Eros), and it's all about the smut-filled relationship between a girl (Miu) and Akuma (Satan). Sounds cliche, but it was a fairly good read. And since when I read manga/watch anime, I tend to save a lot of pics/take a lot of screenshots for future vectoring, I have quite a few from this manga.

Yet another low-quality manga scan vectored and turned into a wallpaper. Before you complain about the lighting (or darkness), think: it's a sunset, in a dark church. Uh-huh, it's pretty dark in there. Sorry about the lack of light, I tried to keep the shading as realistic as possible.

Other stuff:
Title: Darren Hayes' song Insatiable
The original image
How the vector looks (underneath all the shadows and textures) - OMG HE HAS NO FACE!! O_O
# of layers: 31 raster, 24 shape, 55 total (nice number XD)
The outline of the windows (PNG)

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Yeah, I'm a tag freak XD

Akuma na Eros Wallpapers
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