clueless101 Favorite songs

Everyone knows what their favorite song is or has a few favorite songs that they almost always have to listen to when they get on a computer. Well i'm asking you to take you favorite song and match it with any anime you want.


  • Can have more then one entry
  • Can only use one song per wallpaper
  • Can one use one anime per wallpaper
  • keep it with in the regulations of the site
  • no stealing
  • be creative
  • have fun
  • Extra points for getting my favorite song and anime in the same wallpaper
  • Tell me who the artist of the song and the song name

I will message the winners and ask what they want for a prize. You have two months starting now GO!!!!!

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kolandapalainivel nosheep13 xXmyxXxstoryXx Sand Heart Deaths Strawberry kuosuke21292 Sebaschan kiksama EmoChickOfDeath Plum v.s. Kotok0 ouransgirl
Original Anime and Manga
37 entries
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Challenge completed
Monster - Zero ~Water Nymph
Bleach Kryptonite ~Darknessdancer
Getting Away With Murder ~Hunter Kaskura
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