Keba Si Rota Artist/Waller Tag Team Adventure!

Artists, did you ever want to make a Wallpaper but weren't sure how?

Wallers, are you looking for that perfect character pose but can't find it?

Well, this Challenge is for both of you!

I want wallers to partner up with artists and make a Wallpaper featuring the artist's Fan Art.

How it works:
1. Find a partner.
2. Discuss the project with your partner.
3. The artist draws a picture, posts it, and enables the picture to be used by wallers.
4. The waller uses the picture to make a Wallpaper and cites the picture.

1. Artitsts' art must be 100% original. No bases, traces, or stealing.
2. Wallers must cite all sources used.
3. One entry per artist/waller team--make it count!!!
4. Only collaborate with one person (meaning you can't submit two different Wallpapers with different artists).
5. Fan Art can be already made or made especially for this Challenge. If it was made before this Challenge, wallers should ask the artist's permission to use it.

If I forgot anything, feel free to ask about it.

All winners will get gifts. If I get five or more entries, I'll add an additional prize for the winning teams. Unfortunately, I can only give gold medals to wallers; the system won't let me do it any other way.

People that I invited are not obligated to participate. You're just people that I know are primarily wallers.

You have three months to do this. Don't put if off! Grab a partner and get on the dance floor going on those Wallpapers!

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