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The song Lilium (from Elfen Lied) is an easily recognizable one throughout the otaku community. It has become an almost iconic symbol of sorrow or tragedy. This melancholy melody has become one of my favorites, and is thus what this challenge is based around.

The point is to connect a character with a sad or tragic story with the song through a wallpaper. Any one of the many versions of the song may be used (not just the original or Saint's version, but any other version, such as rock or techno)


  • List all of your sources
  • Link me to the version of Lilium you based it around
  • Any version may be used, as long as it distinctly carries Lilium's melody
  • Since the focus is supposed to be on one character, only one character may appear on your wallpaper
  • May use an anime character or a roleplay character, sorry, no characters from any other medium
  • Tell me why you linked the character with the song
  • Keep it PG-13!
  • Up to three entries per person (only one may win, however)

Brownie Points:

  • Use Latin in your wallpaper or description (please also tranlate!)
  • Relate it to Catholic religion/mythology somehow
  • Tell me more about the character and their backstory (use spoiler text when giving spoilers, please!)
  • Dedicate it to someone other than me


  • First Place: Two Wallpapers; 10 icons+1 iwallie OR colored drawing; 1 anime review request
  • Second Place: 1 Wallpaper; 10 icons; 1 iWallie
  • Third Place: 1 Wallpaper; 1 eCard

*I reserve the right to refuse a request if needed

Welp, that's it! Excited to see your entries! ^^

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Forgiveness ~Snowzi
Lilium {Angel Sanctuary} ~Crimson-Rose
Oh Lily of Purity... ~Hifsa
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