NeKo MoonShine Dream Vacation

Vacation~Dream a little dream of me(quote/unquote.x3)~~~ Take a vacation in your own little wallpaper, I know this may seem a little difficult for this challenge, buuut you can do it!:D It's simple if you think about it. Now express what country/city you want to visit or have already been to.owo

There can be things like scenery, animals, music and whatever else you can think of. You can even take Hetalia character and put them with their countries scenery or whatever.

Take a look at what country or city you would like to visit and find exapmples. Like Fiji would be a waterfall scenery maybe and some sparklies.owo To make it more appealing and make sure you put the name of your country/city in the wallpaper so I know what country/city it is.owo Okies.

You all have 3 months to complete this. So take your time, don't rush too much.^^

Prizes will be the same as my fanart challenge and if you haven't seen them, go

Questions? Ask me!x3

P.S. Go nuts! x3

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prague ~shiroyuuki1
Beautiful Spain ~LuniKat
Step into Time ~Blood Huntress
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