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Hi everyone! Long time no see-at least at challenge category. Anyway, as my last-end the first- challenge finished, I decided to make a new one.
As the title says, in this challenge, your wallpapers main color must be grey, white or black. I prefer grey but it's up to you of course.
And the last thing I have to say, your wallpaper must be dedicated to Auraelys. She is one of my first challenges winner but I-the queen of laziness-couldn't make a present for her and it has been ages!
There is no real rule expect these. Amount of wallie is unlimited. But you cannot resize a scan and submit it as a wallpaper of course. You have to
obey theotaku's rules. That's all.

(P.S: DRRR wallpapers will get extra point becuz she had wanted me to do DRRR wallpaper)

And dont forget to have fun!

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Black & White ~Yammi chan
Army Of Me ~Felcie
FOCUS. ~SaxGirl
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