winterlionheart I remind you of who?

Ok I got this idea from my sister cloud55strife and also her friend hellokatty got this idea from her too. But to make a challnge where you need to make a wallpaper of a chraretcer that I remind you of.

Very simple I don't want much simple things about the wall XD


1: Dedicate the wall to me, please. It'll be easier to know who has done it and i can keep track of whats in it. Danke

2:Tell me why they remind you of me

3:Give the credit the best you can if you lose a link or forgot then it's ok.

4:put your name (username XD) on the wall so no one can steal it, thats not fun.

5:It doesn't have to have brushes it can just have the colors changed or textures, fonts, more the one image pasted together, ect. Doesn't matter to me. But I do wanna see some work the the image, not just a image from something and you blow it up to wallpaper size. I wont count those..

6:You can do however many wallpapers you want

7:Have fun

8: It can have more then one person in the image. for excample you make a wall of Squall cause I remind you of him. You can put Rinoa in the wall but say that I remind you of sqaull.

9:It can be video games or anime anything like that :) even someone from a movie if thats what you wish

So I think that covers all of that so if you need anything ask me, and also if you dont know me i'll link you to peeps who do know me.




And I'm told I act alot like
Roxas from kingdom hearts 2

Roy Mustang from FMA

Squall from final fantasy 8

Amarant from final fantasy 9

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