Auraelys The Art of Balance

Hopefully you all are familiar with the yin-yang symbol, because that's the basis of this challenge. (If you're not familiar with the yin-yang, or if you need a review, you can click here.)

For this challenge, I want you to create a wallpaper using two (or more, if you want) characters that you feel symbolize the idea of the yin-yang. For a good example of this, you can check out this piece of art by Heather J. Dennis.

You can use any characters from anything you want. The only rules are that you credit your sources and follow all of theO's standard rules (no plagiarism, nothing inappropriate, etc.) No more than two submissions per person, please.

Aside from that, your only limit is your own creativity. :)

You have two months to complete this challenge...mainly because I'll be on Christmas break and will actually have time to look at them during that time period. ><

If you have any questions, as always, just ask. :) Just be sure to give me a few days to get back with's really hectic right now. >_<

I'm looking forward to all the entries! <3


P.S. No, this challenge has nothing to do with the Shadows Fall cd. ;)

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Yin and Yang ~Kurihara Akane
Modern Fighters ~Felcie
Balancing powers ~jorspi
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