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Yin and Yang
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when I hear word "Yin and Yang" what comes on my mind is an image about two power that is opposite from each other but somehow they comeplete each other as one balance energy..
basically yin and yang power is a symbol of nature power that support our life.
it's a symbol of good and bad, light and dark, white and black, piece and destructin, etc..
it's a symbol of 2 different things that mix become one to create a harmony rhythm..
that's why I choose ichigo for this challenge.. Ichigo has 2 soul in his mind, one is his real soul (ichigo) the other one is his dark soul (hollow ichigo/dark ichigo)
in order to use his maximum power, ichigo trained hard to control his dark soul so that he can do a balance with his real soul.. once he did it, he could use his maximum power and become stronger..

nothing good comes without the bad thing came.. no peace comes without the war begin..
it's always like this.. yin and yang is a symbol of the balance energy in this life..

hope u all understand what I mean ^^

the pic I got from zerochan.net
and the brush I got from my friend.. xD

hug/comment/fav are appreciated

see ya !!!


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The Art of Balance

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