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    Who do you look up to?

    An artist/celebrity.
    A family member.
    A friend.
    A few people, not just one person.

    What's your dominant character trait?

    Sense of humor
    The ability to move on easily.
    A vivid imagination.
    The constant desire to improve.

    If you were in the stage business, which act would you want to do?

    I'd work behind the scenes.
    Clown and/or acrobat.
    Singer and/or dancer.

    If you were a fantasy creature, which would you be?

    An angel.
    A devil.
    A fairy.
    A gnome.
    An elf.

    You star in a show. Which is your part?

    A minor character.
    The ruler/an important person.
    Aid of the hero.
    Aid of the villain.

    Which talent do you have?

    Writing and/or drawing.
    I'm good at sports!
    Singing and/or dancing.
    Telling jokes and/or entertaining.
    I have a lot of talents!

    Where would you train?

    At home, in my room.
    At home, in my private gym.
    Wherever I can.
    At the local gym.
    In the mountains or at sea, on a boat.

    What is your dream/goal in life?

    To surpass my rival.
    To please a special person.
    To help others.
    To improve my qualities.
    To be a star.

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