momo love What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?

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    Well, lets start off by asking you… hmmmm… ah! So tell me, how clumsy are you? - Be honest! ~_~

    *Trips over*
    *Shrugs* I’m still alive aren’t I?
    Not very.

    Ok, now… in a game, do you make your characters do stupid things? Like say, smashing barrels pointlessly?

    SURE DO! =D
    That’s stupid, I’d get killed!

    How’s your sense of direction?

    ... ummmm
    Pretty good
    *Falls over*

    In a game, what would you be doing?

    Smashing barrels.
    Generally doing something stupid.
    Firing randomly at enemies and friends alike.
    Trying to find the pause button.

    Do you tend to underestimate your opponents?

    Yeah, what of it!
    *Spins on chair* hahahaha, always!
    ... No

    Do you enjoy blood and gore games?

    So so, I dont really care.
    ...Should I?

    Can you tell me where north-east is RIGHT NOW? >:D yeah, I thought so!

    ummm... it's... it's THAT way! *points randomly*
    Sure can!
    *Thinks* ... do YOU?

    Have you ever crashed a game cuz you were pressing too many buttons at once?


    Now, what’s most likely to happen in… I dunno, a race - any racing game…?

    You misjudge your opponents.
    You… let me think… you blow up before you start! ^_____^
    You annihilate your opponents!
    You TRY and find a shortcut...
    You (in person) lean to the side when you make a sharp turn - knowing it wont help.

    How would you describe yourself when your ‘in the zone’?

    Zoned out
    Care free

    This time, rate your clumsiness out of 5!

    *Falls off chair* ... um... 5

    YAY! End of quiz! *narrows eyes* how clumsy are you… REALLY… ~_~

    I already said I was clumsy, OK!
    Jeez, I'm fine, Okay! Quit asking me!
    *Blows up house*

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