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Gifts Kc Inoue: Merry Christmas Grimmjow~!!! CrimzonN3k0 z: Merry Christmas Bleachic: Destruction reigns once again! *Grins* Bleachic: Happy Halloween, Grimm!!! Bleachic: For the one who is his own. *Grins* EspadaLuppi : I'm baaaaaack!!! *giggles* : I am sorry. *bows* -Suki Kc Inoue: Its better than yarn, no? happy b day!^^ Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! Puppet Mistress: Here's for winning 3rd place, thanks. jesses girl: thanks for signing my book CrimzonN3k0 z: Happy Valentine's Day Support KIRA: Cats are Cliche` for you. Happy Vday! ElementalNinja: Happy Valentine's Day! :D Pantera17: Happy Valentine's Day! XD ouransgirl: Happy Valentine's Day, Grimmy^^ : Happy Valitines Day! lunastarz: Happy Valentine's Day <3 Puppet Mistress: Happy Valentine's Day Hun! Kc Inoue: Happy Valentines Day Grimmjow~! (: RedPandaAlchemist: Happy V-Day!!!! Kc Inoue: Ice cream for you~! Enjoy it XD! : Have good year Grimmy! 21Emmz12: WOOF! Happy New Yearz! :D : Happy New year !!Here,a kitty to warm up vdr-07: Just a gift from one of you fangirls! ^^ artypants1017: Happy hoildays Puppet Mistress: ... Happy Holidays ouransgirl: Merry Christmas, Grimmjow! Support KIRA: Merry Xmas Grimm =^..^= : throw this at Ulquiorra xD : Kitty man gets a cookie! :D Puppet Mistress: Thanks... this can be w.e you want... Team Plasma N: A Kitty for the Cute Espada Kitty >:3
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