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Which Dragon Of Heaven Are You?

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What Is Your Dying Will Flame Attribute?

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Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

Haha! Sometime like him, sometime like Mikado.

What Vocaloid Are You?

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What Case Closed Character Are You?

Harley Hartwell? In the name of Hattori Heiji?

What Yami No Matsuei Guy Are You?

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Which Zelda Character Are You?

Wha ? Ahahahahaha !

What Color Link Are You?

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What Sonic Character Are You?

Figured !

What Tales Of The Abyss Character Are You?

Never plaring this game before. So I don't really know about this Jade guy. (Q : Then why did u take the quiz?/ Me: Coz I want to ?). Looks interesting ...

What Popular Video Game Genre Are You?

Very true !

What RPG Class Best Fits You?

I'm a mage ? Yeah ! I always love for being a magician or gunner.

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

Yeah. I'm a gamer n almost every day I play RPG n battle game on my laptop. Is that Hardcore gamer ?

What Bleach Minor Character Are You?

Well ... I knew there is an evil side within me.

What Zanpakutou Would You Have?

Hmm ... I love Hyorinmaru, though. But it's okay .... *sigh*

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