Quiz Results DeidaraNarutoClan

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?

I think my result changed...

How Mature Do You Think?

._. DX I'm not old!

Who Is YOUR Anime Boss?

>> wtf?

What Element Fits You Best?

:D fire!

Which Geass Do You Have?

._. huh... I did not expect to get Lelouch...

-.- Oh yeah... thanks...

Who Is Your Shugo Sweetheart?

._. I didn't know I'd get Ikuto...

What Kirby Hat Do You Wear?

I prefer the sword... much more timing... Oh and the cupid Kirby too

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?

Huh... odd

What Legendary Otaku Fanart Artist Are You?

._. I don't have any clue how I ended up as her ^^'

What Is Your Ninja Rank?

._.' I think I'm kinda ashamed I know all of this now...

What Disney Villain Are You?

XD W00t! Scar

._. I don't even get why I even took this quiz >>

What Type Of Twilight Fan Are You?

Heck yes >X3

What Neon Genesis Evangelion Character Are You?

Huh... so I'm Shinji...

Hi there friend!

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