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    What type of style do you usually draw?

    I guess it depends on my mood, I love all kinds of media, especially mixed media.
    I have mad skills in traditional art.
    I prefer traditional artwork. I am old school, plus I am way to broke to buy a fancy system to do digital art.
    I used to do nothing but traditional. However, I'm expanding my art pallet and trying computer art.
    All my works are digital, very rarely do you see them traditional.
    I'm a swinger. I do both!
    I draw them by hand, but do the rest with my computer.

    What media do you use?

    I use mechanical pencils, Photoshop CS, and a tablet.
    Prisma colored pencils work best for me.
    Copic sketch markers are the best!
    Microsoft Paint and Paintshop Pro 7. do the tricks.
    Prismacolor colored pencils, acrylic paint, and Adobe Photoshop CS3 are what I use.
    The media I use is a combination of markers, highlighters, prisma colored pencils and regular rose art pencils.
    I use anything and everything. I can't name just one thing I use because there is so much!

    Does your style seem to be more on the bright side like a happy sense of art, or the dark side, more of a serious art type?

    Bright and happy is where it's at!
    I prefer romantic more than anything.
    I am serious but that is because I can do realism.
    Well, there are cookies on the dark side. Plus the evil guys are hotter, I am so joining the dark side!
    It depends on what I am obsessed with at the moment.
    Well most of my art seems comical.
    I have mixed emotions. I think I am bi polar or something.

    Describe your personality.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    Kind hearted.

    Why did you choose that username?

    Well I had a crush on Riku and Roxas and I loved Kingdom Hearts. I also love stars so I came up with my name that way!
    I totally stole my name from an English dub production. I really liked it but I probably should have asked. Oh crap!
    When I joined the site I was obsessed with Tokyo Mew Mew.
    Well I honestly believed my character deserved to be recognized because without him, there would be no Naruto. Yea I take credit for the creation of Naruto, lol.
    I get asked this a lot and it's very simple. I love Elves and I love Ramen.
    I adored Chibi Moon and when I joined I chose to be her as my username.

    What are your hobbies?

    Playing sports.
    Reading manga.
    Being lazy 24/7.
    Playing the piano.
    Surfing the web.

    Where do you tend to draw your artworks?

    Umm...during class!
    I usually do most of my drawings in my room while watching a movie.
    In an area where I'm by myself, usually in my bedroom at my desk.
    I lock myself in the basement with my T.V.
    I have actually drawn while on the toliet.. xD
    At a desk listening to music in my room.
    I have a nice, big drafting table that sits facing my TV. I always watch my favorite shows while I'm drawing.

    Which animes do you tend to draw the most?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Kingdom Hearts
    Death Note
    Soul Eater
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Fruits Basket
    Sailor Moon

    YAY! Color Time! Please Pick One.

    Blood red.
    Midnight black.
    Mint green.
    Sky blue.

    What is something strange or random about yourself?

    I bite my nails when I'm nervous.
    I sleep with my computer on.
    I am a ditz a majority of the time.
    I have a really long tongue that goes past my chin.
    I can burp my ABC's.
    I am perfect.
    I joined theOtaku when I wasn't 13 years old yet. I'm so bad! C:

    You are watching your favorite anime on T.V. and desire to become a part of it. Suddenly a fairy named Bossman appears to grant your wish and BAM you are in that anime. What anime character are you?

    Lightning from FFXIII because she totally kicks butt and she is pretty.
    Maka Albarn from Soul Eater because she has a strong will. She has control over herself, sometimes, and can be aggressive when she needs to.
    I would say Hinata because I am quiet like her!
    OH! I have to be Rukia because she is always with Ichigo and Ichigo is SEXY!!!! :3
    I'll admit it, I am really clumsy and girly but I guess that is what Sailor Moon and I have in common!
    I'd be Inuyasha. You have a big sword, adorable ears, and long silver hair. What could be better?!
    I'd be Tyki Mikk since you get the best of both worlds. Living both a life of light and darkness, being handsome, funny, and super powerful. Nothing can beat that!

    When you submit your art, what is your first reaction when people comment on your stuff?

    *jumps up and down and throws confetti* Yay a comment a comment!!! *rushes to see who it was*
    Oh crap! I'm in trouble!
    People like my art?!?
    OMG A COMMENT! *clicks and reads it*
    Yay a comment I can't wait to read it!
    It makes me happy to know someone took the time to write me a comment.
    Hey people are liking my ideas so I am thrilled!

    You are browsing the otaku fan art section when another artist challenges you to a battle. You know this is a life and death battle. You go to your belt to grab your Pokemon and shout, "I choose you..."


    You are really tired and need to take a nap from drawing so much. All good artists need a break so you lie down and take a nap. You begin dreaming and suddenly you are the main character in your own dream. What does your character look like and what position are you?

    She looks like my regular self, just an average high school student with out of the world events happening like GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING AT RANDOM!
    It is the days of the Renaissance and I am a male elf with long, silver hair and lavender eyes. I am sulking in the corner at a party trying to hide from all the fan girls who are trying to get me to waltz with them on the dance floor.
    I would have dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes and some kick but outfit. It its action dream I guess. I would be one of the main characters leading the way to victory!
    I don't dream!
    I am an angel with brown hair and gold streaks. I fight for the light side!
    I work in the darkness with my devilish wings and horns. I am evil so beware me!! HA HA HA!
    I have brown hair with green eyes and long nice legs with some nice curves and busty on top. I just happen to be an amazing ninja too at that!

    Someone knocks your artwork, what do you do?

    Whatever. If you don't like it, don't look at it. I draw what I want.
    I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never see the light of day!
    WHAT?! How dare they!!! I confuse them with some fairy fire, do a couple of backflips, wrestle them onto the ground and pour soy sauce on them! RAWR!
    Where you talking to me? You talking about my artwork? Eh? EH? You know what, you better run because that is unforgiveable!!! *tackles them and beats the pulp out of them and then feeds them to her goldfish*
    Get Riku to finish 'em off for me.
    Oh, you are my living proof that I CAN please everybody in the universe! *sarcastic tone*
    I get out my Typhlosion and make it use fire blast on the opponent. Then I would get my Pichu to use thundershock to stun them. While that whole thing is going on, my Umbreon woud have been storing up energy for a mighty shadow ball so powerful, it knocked the opponent into the sky.

    What is the name of your favorite artwork you have drawn?

    Sora Meets His Summons.
    The Perfect Doll.
    Doggie Love.
    The Forest Royalty.
    Who Will You Choose?
    100th Submission.
    Have a LOVELY Summer.

    Which one are you?


    Finally the quiz is over, are you ok?

    I'm fine right? Yes? No? Yes? No? I can't decide...
    Yeah dude! I'm cool.
    *blushes* Yes....I'm fine.
    *jumping up and down* OMG YES!!!!
    *is really annoyed* Grrrr......
    Wow. That was such a long quiz, but I have built up an appetite so I am getting some ramen.

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