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*Gasp* What is this! No iphone wallpaper challenges?! Well I guess I'll just have to fix that myself. Hello everyone it is I, vampirehitsugaya back with yet another fabulous challenge! This time I want you to create beautiful wallpapers that all contain flowers or have a floral theme. With that said: Get to work and make great stuff!

Examples: 1, 2, 3.


1.) Flowers must be visible in all entries. They can be added, in the actual picture, or I'll even accept a floral font! It counts as long as I can see at least one flower. (Sound easy?)

2.) As always: Unlimited entries! The more the merrier. Go all out if you must!

3.) You do not have to dedicate it to me. I check my challenges enough to know when there is a new entry.

4.) Have fun! Fun is always an important factor in challenges! Message me if you have any questions regarding this challenge!

I'm a vampire!

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A Single Flower ~Amestar
Golden Sun the 3rd ~infinatelove42
Sensibility ~gomdorri
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