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This is a story I came up with for dattebaneyo's challenge. It's a bit of a different style but when thinking of the story and characters I wanted to do, it made sense to have Mickey be one of the wise kings since he can travel and with the Kingdom Hearts element of having the reports that are collected in the games, decided to have it in a journal style from Mickey's perspective. Granted this cuts out a lot of the adventure and details, but I'm sure readers can still imagine enough plot around the reports to keep it an interesting and fun read ^^

Mickey Report #1 Discovery
Something pretty amazing just happened. Tonight while I was looking at the stars, I saw a new one appear right before my eyes. It was so bright and beautiful! In the past, I’ve seen stars disappear and that was worlds going out due to the Heartless. But this, this is something different and wonderful! I’ll be making plans to visit this new world that has been created. Gosh a new world! It’s incredible to think about it. I wonder what’s out there.

Mickey Report #2 Departure
According to my calculations, the new world is a greater distance than any world I’ve visited before. Thanks to my friend, Scrooge, I’ll be traveling in a new Gummi Cruiser. It should be able to accommodate more passengers for a number of days. We don’t know what we’ll find out there so we’re packing plenty of supplies to be safe. Donald and Goofy will be accompanying me on my journey and we all agreed that it’d be neat to invite Sora along so our first stop will be Destiny Islands.

Mickey Report #3 Feud
It turns out that both Sora and Riku will be joining us on our journey. It’s swell to have more key bearers with us as we head towards the unknown. However, it seems that there is something bothering the two that is causing them to be unfriendly towards each other. I’m not quite sure what it’s about but I do hope they can resolve it so we can better focus our efforts. We have now officially gone further than I have been before. It sure is exciting to explore the unknown like this. In fact, we plan on stopping at the next world we pass to stock up on supplies and stretch our legs. The star we are following still shines as bright as ever. I can’t wait to see the world that’s with it.

Mickey Report #4 Xing
The world we visited had a few different cultures, but where we landed the people called the place Xing. I do hope to come back and explore more of this world when I get the chance, there seems to be so much one can discover here. One of the clan princesses, May Chang, can perform a science called Alkahestry that heals. She has a good friend named Alphonse from another country that knows a science called Alchemy that can change matter. When we met the emperor of Xing, he sounded very interested in our journey and wanted to come with us. We have room, so they are now packing to board the cruiser. Emperor Ling will be bringing one of his guards, Lan Fan. Alphonse and May Chang will be coming with us too.

Mickey Report #5 Universe
It turns out the new world is further than we originally thought. We passed through a border of sorts and suddenly there are far more worlds than I could see from Disney Castle. This new world that we are going to must sure be a bright one to be seen from so far away. It boggles the mind that there is so much out there that we do not know! We don’t want to loose sight of our focus, but perhaps if we visit one of the worlds we pass, we can learn more about the places here. Our friends from Xing are an interesting bunch and I’m glad we’ve had the chance to get to know them. Sora and Alphonse seem to get along like best friends, but Riku still seems to be troubled about something.

Mickey Report #6 Demon
It seems that there is some knowledge of traveling to other worlds, but not to the extent we are at. The locals call the place we visited “Human World”. Some of them know of two other places called “Demon World” and “Spirit World.” In fact, we met a “demon” from “Demon World” who is actually nice and quite knowledgeable. His name is Kurama and was also intrigued by our trip. Now we have another travel companion for our journey. I’m sure glad we have a Gummi Cruiser instead of a Gummi Ship; It’s starting to get crowded! Again we are heading towards the shiny new star.

Mickey Report #7 Time
It took some time, but we finally reached the new world. Actually when we approached the star, we were spun to some other place or some other time. On the other side of the vortex we found a world, larger than any others I’ve been to. Visiting the world, we found some shepherds. They also saw the new star that had formed a while back. When we said we ere following that star, they were excited to share their experience of angels appearing to tell them of the birth of the King and of going to see the new baby. It appears that there is this common part of history my travel companions and I share and we’ve traveled back around 2,000 years to witness this miraculous event. After coming this far we have decided to continue to see the babe as well.

Mickey Report #8 Jerusalem
We managed to get to the heart of the town of Bethlehem but the babe is no longer here. We were able to get camels and such to travel on foot by night. The same bright star that led us to this world still shines over where the Lord is. This is an incredible opportunity that we have. Today we are experiencing the culture of Jerusalem. Learning history is one thing, but actually being here has taught me so much more than one cannot get out of a textbook.

Mickey Report #9 Herod
We visited the palace and had an audience with the King, Herod, who also seemed intrigued in our quest. He said he’d love to join us but had duties to attend to, but he wanted us to return to tell him of where we found him. Even though we acted friendly to him, we do not plan to return. We have other obligations ourselves but have chosen that this journey was more important. More than priorities, we could sense that Herod’s intentions were more of selfishness than the well being of others.

Mickey Report #10 Babe
We have found the baby Jesus. The air about him is pure and innocent. We truly were able to come back in time and take part of this common history that reaches to many worlds. I feel so grateful for this experience I wish there was something I could give back. I have a strong urge to pay my respects to the Savior of us all. He is in a young body and has so much ahead of him to do. If there is anything I can do to aide him I will gladly do it.

Mickey Report #11 Gifts
Baby Jesus was born in a manger, a fact that humbles me greatly. After much thought I have decided to give him the golden harmonica case that Minnie had given me last Christmas. If anything, may it help to provide for the needs of a mortal life. Ling presented the young child with frankincense from Xing. It is something they use as incense for their holy ceremonies. Kurama had a seed of a commiphora and used his energy to grow the seed into a mature tree. He then bore a hole into it to harvest myrrh for a gift. I watched in awe as the tree bled resin. This morning we lay our gifts in front of the baby before we departed.

Mickey Report #12 Homeward
We took the Gummi Cruiser back towards the new star in hopes it would return us to the time we came from. Again we swirled through a vortex. Visiting a world we stopped by on our way our, we were able to confirm that we were when we should be. Traveling back was peaceful and reverent while we were mostly in meditation. I would love to travel back to explore more of these other worlds but all of us are longing to get home. We just dropped off Kurama and soon should be back in our own universe.

Mickey Report #13 Sharing
Ling and his friends returned to Xing safely. Sora and Riku are back on their island and I think both of them are better from the trip. I’m glad they’ve worked things out. Donald, Goofy, and I got home just in time for Christmas and oh what a Christmas story we had to share with everyone! Minnie was understanding about me giving away her present and even accepting of my decision. I am very grateful for this opportunity that we had.

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