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Hello beloved and strange kisskiss-bangbang,

Yes, this letter is not merely to suck up to you in hopes of winning a prize, but it is really about you and your extensive friendship for not only me, but for all those whom you care about here on The Otaku. Oh yes, what a glorious time it has been, whether it was you commenting on my work when no one else did or even when you fended off my horde of rabid zombie monkeys, there has never been a boring conversation. Yes, your continued support here on The Otaku has been most awesome and everyone here can agree with that. Your strange sense of humor and your Canadian ways have been the greatest things that I will remember about you for years. I even remember the first message you gave me welcoming me into the crazy world of the Creepy Rangers with a Boo which was, I think, initiating me. Ah yes, what wonderful times those were. Creeping out individuals on a daily basis was quite an interestingly fun time. Oh the people who were scarred for life. That is when we began the unorthodox use of random thoughts to bring about unholy stories of creepiness. There is always one thing I will know for sure, you will always be my friend whether it is here, in Canada, or in death. You are truly a wonderful person and shall be rewarded with various goods from this gift basket. Me and all those who care about you will remember you for ages to come.

From your crazy naked juggling assistant from hell(???),

BanisherOfSouls (Wow! I think my name just killed the mood.*laughs hysterically while having his horde of evil monkeys preparing to strike from the gift basket as you read this message. >:D)

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