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Who can join: ANYONE! :D

Objective: Sora and company visits the world of Earth! This is your chance to share a part of your life story Kingdom Hearts style! It can be before, during, or after the games. Feel free to use the Contramind or any of the specific original characters in my KH story but you don't have to.

RULES: (heed or be disqualified!)
* Must have an inspirational message--conflict and point of growth, leave the reader a better person for reading it.
* You can have the visit be to an original story as well, but not an already existing one like Bleach or Naruto, but come on how often do you get to write about yourself?
* Keep it the length of an episode--you may have them come back for another episode.
* Age appropriate--one of the beauties of Kingdom Hearts is it is a clean game and still captivating, I encourage you to keep that caliber (so no swearing, drinking/drugs, inappropriate behavior, gore, etc.)
* No yaoi/yuri, and please don't focus on romantic relationships either (there's so much more to write about!)

Start with a summary to put the reader in the proper mindset
Include your own Fan Arts/Visuals
Incorporating Contramind/Vinominen
Using Zefferia or Hina
Any extra effort that you put in to enhance your story

Okays then, have at it! (below is a brief explanation on the Contramind and my OCs in case you're interested :3 but warning, there's spoilers!)

Contramind are in my story what happens to the mind of someone who looses their heart, like Heartless is the Heart, Nobodies is the Body, and the Unbirths are the soul. Those with a strong intellect have formed a group called the Vinominen. Their goal isn't Kingdom Hearts, but to create their own by gathering data and objects from the Worlds (oh noes...spoilers for anyone who's been reading my story o.o) There is a leader, 6 heads, and then members underneath each head. I have characters from different ethnicities that you may ask specific details on in a PM if you wish!)

Zefferia's name is taken from zephyr which is wind as there is not much substance to her character. In trying to please Riku, at this point her personality and qualities mimic Kairi's. Also, somehow she often quotes things that no one else knows.

Hina's name means sun like Sora's is sky, Kairi's is sea, and Riku's is land. Let's see if I can avoid spoilers about her and just describe her as a serious and sensible person with a big heart for children and kittens.

Feel free to PM me for any more information!

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