littlepooch Ultimate Crossover!!!

Woot! XD I can make a challenge~! So yha like most of the challenges now this is my first. ^w^

OK well my challenge for you is to make a random, stupid, funny crossover!!! XDDDD

It can be with any anime/manga and for all I care spongebob could show up!!! XD So yha random tv shows count ^^ ((EDITED!!)) GAH! DX I FORGOTS VIDEO GAMES!!!*mumbles apologies to video games* So yha someone from a video game can show up too! ^^' (EDITED...Yes again T_T) I guess book character could also be used ^^ And OCs can be used as long as the anime they belong to is real. Like I could use my OC for naruto but couldn't use my OC from CF(Community Fusion) because I made it up.

Ok no I'm not gona sit there and count your word -_-' And I don't want you to either!!! XD So all I ask is 5 paragraphs or more ^^
Keep it PG13 please ^^' Look I don't mind some cuss words but don't over do it.
I'm a yaoi fan girl but some people aren't so I'll say no yaoi/yuri T_T
You have to use 3 or more animes/mangas/random tv show/video game in there. And if ya could somewhere can you tell me what there from?
You can enter 2 times.

OK this is my random example ^^
In the leaf village(naruto)Ichigo and Rukia(Bleach)are coming because there are a lot of souls because the chunin exams are coming up so they can fight off the hallows. Luffy(One Piece) comes along because he hears they have grate ramen.

CRAP! T_T this is my second time editing it...TwT Just shows how ready I am...OK well ^^ For if ya win :D
1 place winner-3 requests
2 place winner-2 requests
3 place winner-1 request

I can do fan art, wallie, card, small comic, or avi(can't move though) I will PM you asking what you want to request ^^

I'll be judging on randomness, how funny it is, quality, and ou followed the rules.

Have fun!!!

Love Yaz~!

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Naruto, Inuyasha, Death Note Crossover! ~kyouyarenge
Contest for littlepooch! ~Amestar
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