KitKatKitty Your *amazing* OC!

This is my first challenge...*is shot*

The point is your OC as the main character, any setting, any story line.

Btw, I haven't seen/read a lot of things such as Bleach, Naruto, and several others. If you are writing fanfic, it may be a good idea to see if I have read the manga.

Don't worry about length, just however long it takes the story to be told is fine with me.

Any POV is fine too.

I will be judging on style, details, and character development.

PG-13 or under. No yaoi either, you can write it but you won't win...

Prizes (as I can not draw, you must settle for fiction)
1st - a story (one shot) of your OC as the main character.
2nd - Your OC will be supporting role in the fic I write.
3rd - Your OC will have a small role in story.

You have two months! BREAK A LEG!!! (Why, yes, I am in theatre, how did you guess?)

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Dragon Wings (English work AND contest entry) ~LittleWiseOwl
In-Between ~DeidaraNarutoClan
The Jobber ~Flint
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