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This was written some time ago... I forget when and I figured since it is part of my character's history, I didn't know she'd be my character then though, and since she's my OC now, I figured it'd be a decent read... Even though by now everyone's sick of the Vampire and Werewolf crap due to Twilight, sorry...

"Why does this all seem to be my fault?"

"I didn't do anything from what I know."

"Was it in the past?"

"Did my ancestors do something bad?"

"Or is it just me...?"

"All of you! Get up now!" an echoing voice said.

Celena scratched at the back of her head. "Ugh... another rough night with no sleep..."

"Move it! You've had enough rest!" the voice continued to yell.

Celena staggered to her feet, nearly falling out of grogginess and hunger, and looked through her dungeon cell she seemed to be locked in from what everyone else said. Her door opened and a man grabbed her arm. Celena yelped as she was dragged out of her cell and her chains clattered against one another. "You're coming with me girl," he growled and pulled her away.

Wails, growls, and screaming came from the room that the little girl had been pulled into... the room where terrible things had occurred to not only her but the others within the place. Why were there so many people in the dungeon you ask? The answer is actually very simple... The owners living within the castle despise them. Why? The owners are vampire royals and Celena is a werewolf...

Celena's mother was born a werewolf while her father was marked and turned into a werewolf. But I really can't say that's important than what's going on currently. Either way, they ended up inside the dungeon with the many other werewolves, charged with "conspiracy to attack and eliminate vampires." despite the fact some of the werewolves were not even proven to try and rebel (at least for the time being anyway)

Of course, things like this have gone on for a long time, so it's not uncommon for royal vampires to punish werewolves if they find any. It was just unfortunate for that to happen to Celena's parents in that time because her mom was pregnant with her. Despite what some of your thoughts are, sometimes it may actually be worse than what it appears or what you even begin to think.

A little after being in the castle, Celena was born a bit premature but was lucky enough to survive even in the poor conditions that the place was in. Even so, they kept her safe like her older brother Hunter. He especially knew the danger of the situation and would watch his sister as best he could. There are things that need to be watched though. You could never tell who was friend and who was foe...

Celena came back to her mother, Rain, and brother, Hunter, but looked around quickly as if trying to find something. "Mama?" Celena asked.

"What is it little one?" she asked her daughter.

Celena tilted her head in confusion as she asked her question. "Where's Papa?"

Rain was silent when Celena asked her that. Hunter glared at the ground. "I'm... I'm honestly not sure..." Rain replied, sighing.

"He's probably dead now," Hunter said bluntly, "They probably burned his body to ashes to get rid of it just like some of the others."

"Hunter!" Rain snapped at her son, covering Celena's ears.

"Don't 'Hunter' me!" he retorted, "I have the damn right to tell the truth and the truth is dad isn't coming back! They tortured him to the point his body was bruised and battered so I know for a fact that they tortured him to the point where he died. Those damn blood suckers are taking away everything from us and it isn't even our-"

"THAT'S ENOUGH HUNTER!" Rain shouted at him, "You are not going to talk that way. The vampires will kill you if you keep that up."

"You hate them as much as I do so don't tell me that when you're being a hypocrite about it," Hunter growled to his mother.

Celena looked at both of them in wonder. She was still young at the time and wasn't sure what her mother or brother were even talking about. Her mother talked to Hunter some more until he scoffed and walked away. Then Rain came back to her daughter and smiled. "Why are they mean to us?" was all Celena could ask.

Her mother's face shrunk into a sad face, yet full of compassion. "It's because we aren't like them sweetie," was all the Rain could reply.

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