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The Dying Detective - Sherlock Holmes
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Hello Otakus!
I tried to post this comic as a series and it was declined. I'm trying again as I have reason to believe it was a mistake that it was declined. I hope it will work for my this time! My manga of Sherlock Holmes is also posted on my world 'Sherlock Holmes Manga' so you can read it there as well and get more info on it. Thankyou so much!^^ I always appreciate the feedback and support :D

Tha story is very old, copyright is off it now I believe. Based on the Dying Detective short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle, art by MangaKid (me!) Do not copy.

Here is a quick intro to The Dying Detective taken straight from the original written work by Arthur Conan Doyle, narrated by Doctor John Watson.

"Mrs. Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, was a long- suffering woman. Not only was her first-floor flat invaded at all hours by throngs of singular and often undesirable characters but her remarkable lodger showed an eccentricity and irregularity in his life which must have sorely tried her patience. His incredible untidiness, his addiction to music at strange hours, his occasional revolver practice within doors, his weird and often malodorous scientific experiments, and the atmosphere of violence and danger which hung around him made him the very worst tenant in London.

The landlady stood in the deepest awe of him and never dared to interfere with him, however outrageous his proceedings might seem.

Knowing how genuine was her regard for him, I listened earnestly to her story when she came to my rooms in the second year of my married life and told me of the sad condition to which my poor friend was reduced...."

Now my manga begins....

Sherlock Holmes Fan Comics
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