superstarpanou (Fan Comic Portfolio) Magic Mirror Peeping!

A little spoof of Beauty and the Beast... sorry, I'm not good at making you guys laugh~~ -___-; Very random...

Got this idea some time ago when I was watching Beauty and the Beast with my little sis. We both like to make fun of movies and laugh while we watch them, so I was thinking of "what if" situations and yeah, you get what I mean. >u< She was all like, "Whaaa?! Hahahaahaha~~!"

Anywho, I used no reference at all whatsoever~~ All from memory! And plus I didn't use much guidelines for the drawings, only a bit for the lines with half a piece of paper but that's about it... no ruler at the time. T^T

Cogsworth looks really funny... can't tell the difference between his eyes and his pointed mustache... -_-;

Dedicated to Natsu, because you got me the jive to start some random comics again. Maybe I'll post my really old ones too then. :D Keep up the great work!!

Beauty and the Beast Fan Comics
magic mirror, nosebleed, peeping
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