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*temporary cover page*

introduction to the story:
this story is really old... story is written 2004.. i drew some of the drawings year 2007 too but it got paused because i started making the other manga, "One Day You'll Meet Him".. since that is done already, i think im going to continue this story..

unlike "One Day You'll Meet Him", this is not a short story.. the script filled my whole notebook.. i think about 200 pages of that notebook is filled with the characters' dialogs.. that's one of the reason why i paused this because the story is just too long compared to the other, which i finished within 3-4 months.. this one will probably take me a year or so... XD

so anyway, this story is entitled "The Link" because the story is about Rei and the bonds she made with her friends. but that's not just it.. there's more to it..

The story so far..

Rei, the main girl character, became sensitive of her surroundings after wearing a necklace she got one day. She started to sense someone's presence watching her but after her classmate, Mike, approached her, she thought it was just him. She got home and took a shower, but then she sensed another presence. After seeing a bunch of mysterious creatures, she collapsed.

She woke up seeing a guy in front of her... and he explained what's happening and that she has something those creatures, called curses, wants. The guy continued to explain until he finally concluded that Rei became the Link which the curses are after.

the genre is fantasy, school life, romance.. and i'll try to put some comedy... "try".. XD


Rei-chan (female)
Rei-kun (male)

*im gonna use japanese honorifics to identify the gender of the 2 Rei's in this story*

The Mistress
The Link

and other minor/extra characters..

i dont like to spoil the story so im just gonna hang with those characters since the others havent made their entrance in the story yet..

for now, this is just the temporary cover page.. i will definitely come up with a better one with the other characters.. enjoy reading for now.. i will upload some pages soon.. ^^

if u can't see the pages clearly, or if it was uploaded as low quality, please download the high resolution for a better view.. *^^;*

thank u for the comments.. i'll do my best for this manga to be as successful as the first one.. *^^*


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