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Seyna and Cysten's First Meeting
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this was something i doodled up after an idea for my two oc's, Seyna and Cysten's first meeting came to mind--click their names for info on each--; i do things like this on rare occasion in lieu of notes, which i later take down using these such pieces as references; it is a messy thing i chose to put in scraps on dA--but put up here cause yeah i guess--, though it is not as chaotic as others i have, hence why i chose to go ahead and put it up; plus, look at all the stupid shading I added…look at that..i did freakin SHADOWS, bad ones yeah, but SHADOWS

this is also reference for myself as it is my first time drawing Seyna other than the profile sketch i did, and my first time drawing Cysten as his 14 year old self...i am terrible at younger people XP

anyways, here is what i wrote down later based on this:


The very first time she saw him, standing beneath an open archway with a well dressed servant beside him, she with her own and entering the gates across from them, she was struck with mild surprise. ‘Wow, he’s such a lovely boy,’ she thought with a hopeful smile, ‘I bet he’ll be very handsome when he gets older.’

Then he opened his mouth...


She was brought over to greet him, the servant at her side bowing low to the boy, then standing straight once more and gesturing to her.

"My lord, this is Lady Seyna," he smiled gently, "the new caretaker the Lord and Lady Silas arranged for you."

Seyna grinned in response, awaiting whatever part came next, which she assumed was to be the introduction of the boy despite her being well aware of who he was. However, this did not occur. The silent air only grew and then became a tad awkward, and, perhaps even expectant. She continued waiting for something to transpire and fill the void, when she noticed the young man at her side shifting his anxious gaze to her own, conveying a soundless command for her to follow his lead.

Releasing a quiet breath in realization, she bowed as well, though a little hastily in comparison to the man. Regardless of her clear misstep, the boy looked on her with a faint smile, and dipped his head down in silent acknowledgement.

Now that her end was completed, the elder woman beside the young lord gestured a wrinkled hand to him.

"Lady Seyna, I present the Lord Cysten," her voice held an oddly stern edge as she spoke his name, "the second son of the reigning Lord Silas."

Yet again he nodded his head to her, which she returned with another bow. 'So much bowing,' she sighed inaudibly.

After the brief, and, in her opinion, strange introduction, both servants turned to the boy and again bowed low, each excusing themselves with a softly uttered, "my lord," and then walking away side by side. It wasn't long before they were left alone in the corridor, no doubt expected to work on becoming better acquainted and get onto their new lives together.

The moment the two servants were out of sight, the young lord's thick black brows drew down and his kind smile became a smirk, his amber gaze no longer genial but haughty.

"So," he tipped his chin up, almost as if looking down on her despite she being the taller one, "you're the new hag, huh?"

She jerked just slightly at the unexpected change, though her shock quickly dissolved away at his words. Hissing in her mind, 'Hag!?' she resisted a sneer, 'I'm not even three years older than you!' Drawing in a steadying breath and keeping her snapping thoughts to herself, Seyna tried very hard to maintain her calm smile and demeanor. Nonetheless, her lip persisted with its minor twitching as she fought off the irate scowl tugging at the edges of her mouth due to his extremely ride comment.

As they stood there, face to face with a few feet between them, he eyed her up and down while she struggled with her usually resilient willpower. His smug mien soon shifted slightly, as if now scrutinizing every part of her, but with only the mildest of interests.

Exhaling a resigned sigh, the young lord twisted on his heels and began to walk farther down the large, open corridor, remarking as if as an afterthought, "well, at least you're not as ugly as the last one."

Seyna's hands were quickly curling into fists, shaking marginally at her sides while she continued to try and keep her composure after he yet again insulted her. Unfortunately, she was fairly certain she appeared at least partially annoyed regardless of her efforts. It was rather hard not to be. In all honesty, she had never been a violent person, but right then and there, she wished for nothing more than to have smacked that expression off his stupid face.

Before he made it more than a few paces, one hand behind his back, he raised the other and casually gestured for her to follow. Not even bothering to look back, he then vaguely commanded, "come on."

Watching as he somehow arrogantly strolled down the corridor ahead of her, she mused in frustration, 'how has my life spiraled so far out of control?' Stuck there, so very far from her home, having to live up to a lie that she hadn't even orchestrated to begin with, and taking care of a brat who in the few minutes they have known each other was already acting as if she were the underling, and a poorly treated one at that. Seyna scoffed softly, she may be trapped in this series of misunderstandings, but she had already reconciled herself to doing what she could to make the most of it, if only to maintain her sanity. Apparently, that was going to start with making sure this boy understood that she was in charge.

Determined now, she held her chin up and followed after him with a confident stride.


if you read all that, i will give you cookies with my mind o 3o


Seyna and Cysten belong to ME, a.k.a, itsumademo on theOtaku/itsufer on deviantART


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