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Cysten Sketch
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yes, another profile sketch...they are good for when i want to doodle and have little time...yeah T 3T

this is my OC Cysten, from my story idea Faux (possibly temp title); i have never drawn him before, and this is actually his 18 year old version as opposed to his 14 year old one, which is where he begins in the story; i felt it would be easier doing a profile concept of him older than younger, as my younger profile sketches don't turn out too well -__-

  • Cysten has amber eyes and long black hair which he always keeps mostly down--for he is quite proud of it--, minus the bits he has pulled around and held together with a small tie. He is 5"4' when 14, a size which he is secretly self conscious about, though you would never guess it from his massive ego, but he spurts to 5"10' by the time he is 18; and from younger to older he maintains a lean build. For the most part Cysten is very immature, though not in a 'little kid' way, but a spoiled brat one. Both because of his proud nature and class as the son of the primary ruling Lord, he considers himself above most everyone and treats others as below him accordingly; my other main character, Seyna, in particular. He is very obstinate and rude, with a level of arrogance above what would be expected of a person in his station, or perhaps more that he has no ability/filter/realization to control that and so would insult people quite easily and often does.

  • Cysten is 14-18 years old in the story, and is the second son of the primary Lord of this world. In his time, he has gone through many caretakers, and they have all left or been fired by him because of his nature and essential adamant refusal to adhere to what he is told. He has no respect for them clearly, and therefore does not treat them as anything more than a servant beneath him, rather than a caretaker/teacher/etc. and so someone who should have a modicum of authority. Seyna is brought in as a sort of experiment to have a caretaker that is closer in age to Cysten in the hopes that this may work better than an older one, which has quite clearly never worked. Her own stubbornness and skills in handling with children not so 'well-bred' helps her with him, and gives him a lot of grief as he finds himself unsure how to deal with her because she is so not what all his other caretakers have been like. As he gets older he does grow and get better, of course he will always be a more arrogant, blunt, stubborn person, but he becomes much better and more aware of others outside of himself.

To see a small 'comic-esque' piece based on his and Seyna's first meeting, showing his 14 year old self, as well as the written notes that came afterwards, click here

Cysten belongs to ME, a.k.a, itsumademo on theOtaku/itsufer on deviantART


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