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Falorin Redesign
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Yeah. I'm doing the Character Drawcember thing on tumblr (which I'll be posting to my Various Planning world weekly, btw). One of the prompts was to redesign an old character, so I decided to redraw Falorin from that old fantasy story I used to be kind of interested in. The previously most recent outfit I drew for him is from 2011, which can be seen in the bottom of this post. :V It's actually really weird for me to think that I drew that back in 2011. .m. THOSE ARE ACTUALLY... SOME NICELY DRAWN LEGS, THERE...

Anyway, here's a couple of points about Falorin's redesign:
1) Instead of going the Fire Emblem-y rout for his outfit, I went with more of a 16th century inspired look. And by inspired, I mean very loosely inspired....;; BUT HEY, WHATEVER! I LIKE THE NEW OUTFIT. And I like that it has red in it, too. Originally, Falorin's outfit was mostly blue. (Not that I actually uploaded any colored drawing of him, but you know...)

2) I MIGHT... MAKE FALORIN A GIRL...??? I know I've been calling Falorin "him" this entire post, but I'm really feeling that I should make him a girl. >:V Idk, I'll give it a shot and use "her" for the rest of the post. BUT UH, YEAH... Falorin. Maybe girl. I kind of wanted to do this because I don't have a lot of intersting female characters, and I am somewhat attached to Falorin... so if I make her a girl, I'll feel more comfortable working with girl characters. PLUS, I JUST THINK SHE'D BE COOL AS THIS COOL PRINCESS GOIN' AROUND AND DOING AS SHE DOES. I wouldn't draw her any different than I already do, either, since Falorin already looks like a girl. :M

Idk what else to say about this, so I guess I'll end here. THANKS FOR THE VIEWAGE, MY FRIEND.

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