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PGR sketchdump dream eater
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In the first top left is nausea kiki and a grossed out Delin
Then Maura helping out a nauseated Krorky and Kiki (but not very helpful)
Sketches of Kiki fighting
and then Kiki with her battle scar (not very good. I'll try again next time I'll upload a bigger pic with)
then top right is the two gijinkas Kiki faced besides the Azumarill that is not included here
A demostration of Kiki using the psychic attack "Dream Eater" from the reference I looked up the energy was usually red but I changed it to pink! Maybe the colors different depending on the persons
then Tanner holding back a pissed of Xio while Krory is trying to keep it down (a funny moment from Xio's post I should draw more stuff like that)
was going to just submit in PGR Gijinka Art but I worried that I had to shrink it to make it fit and it would effect the picture quality

Pokemon Fan Art
Delin, kiki, Krory, oc, pgr, sketchdump, Tanner, Xio
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