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Those Original Characters of Mine
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So these are the characters from Butterfly's World
Hehe.. it is also a road map for me
Most of these characters i had already thought up before
but never really thought of drawing so now I'm doing them the favor of creating their image ^-^
im going to the same for my other Ocs too so watch for them also.

If you are really interested in one or more of my characters
and want to draw them ... i don't mind at all !!!!
i actually love seeing drawings of them in different styles ^-^
just make sure to properly credit them to me and send me the link please

...And so introducing ....

She is the witch that turned Butterfly into an apple.
She is short for her age (15) around 4'7" (139.7 cm)
Lives on the outskirts of town.
Loves to create potions and spells.
Despite her cuteness she actually has a slight of a temper and get upset when people call her chibi or cute.

Hiro is actually is his first name but most people call him by his last name which is Fujimori..
He is one of the popluar boys at school.
Butterfly has a huge crush on him <3
Best subject is sports.
He actually has an older brother that is ALSO in love with Butterfly. So he despises her for that.
He is one of three boys in his family. Him being in the middle.

She is Butterfly's best friend.
On the outside she is very tomboyish,
(but when its just her and Butterfly she tends to have a secret girly side.)
She loves rock music and doesn't not like wearing skirts
so she wears the boys uniform to school
Both Butterfly and her love listening to the popular band of Alice the 5th

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