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Dark Family Portrait

Dedicated to silvershriek, who wanted to see what my dark elves look like after seeing Princess Elysia. I’m glad you asked, Silver - I’m really happy with how this turned out!

Okay, here’s a little info about these four if anyone’s curious. Up top is Xanther, general of the dark elf army. He’s extremely serious and is renowned for his skill in combat, leading his armies through centuries of battle. His enemies know him as “The Heartless General.”

Next down is Xanther’s brother, Zetheus. He’s an elite soldier in the army, working closely with the general, though unlike his brother Zetheus is known for his easy smile and laid-back personality. (For those who know my character, Vekter, Zetheus is his father ^^)

Next down is Teya, Xanther’s wife. She’s a sorceress who often aids her people on the battlefield, known as the “Black Rose of the Army” for her skill in manipulating plant-life and her partiality for conjuring black briar bushes. She’s as serious as her husband.

At the bottom is Silen, Xanther and Zetheus’ mother, but due to the immortality of the elves she appears no older than her grown sons. She is the strongest sorceress amongst the dark elves, though after certain events she chooses to live a solitary life in a tower in the forest and has little to do with others.

There you have it! Admittedly two of these characters are only seen in the very beginning of the story, but they all have significant parts to play. And now I have to give my little disclaimer because I’m like an over-protective mother when it comes to my OCs: please don’t use this image or these characters in any way without my permission!! Thank you! ^-^

Xanther, Zetheus, Teya, & Silen © theLostSindar
Background texture made from this and this

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