Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) Iris the Psychosona

Yeap. I did it. Been talking about it (with ‘gome), but here we go. A Psychonauts OC. A Psychosona. You are not allowed to judge me.

Been sitting on the name Iris Cymtak for some reason. I kiiiinda have an idea for like, backstory and crap, but I know none of you care about that (except ‘gome). There's some hazy ideas for what her brain-world is like, but nothing too concrete. As far as issues go, I was thinking hers came more from internal strife than external forces, which'll be fun to explore.

The one solid thing: I just really hate what I did to myself with that hairdo. The things I'll do for a color joke.

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kat went and made an OC bluuuugh
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