Katana (Fan Art Portfolio) 2012 Summary of Art

2012 Summary of Art
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COMMENCE HUGE DESCRIPTION for the uhhh FOURTH TIME! Also, submission #250!

When looking back on this year, I realized I did not produce nearly as much content as I had in years previous. There are a few reasons for this: 1.) Unlike last year, I wasn't on much of a fanfic kick; 2.) I had a photography internship over summer, sapping most of my creative energies; 3.) A lot of things I did were doodles, because I like doodling; and 4.) errmahgod, school.

All in all, it made 2012 a bit of a hard year to choose between, but I might as well go for it:

- January - Dovahkiin Fahliil
This surprisingly came from a Challenge...which I ended up winning, much to my excitement. I really do enjoy marker, I just wish I could use it more. This piece kind of cemented my confidence in the medium. Now I just need to play more Skyrim.

- February - Dubtail the Dragnet (Schoolwork, Illustration)
Also known as "hey guys, I can still actually somewhat competently paint". I've only done one acrylic painting since this (which I need a photo of...), and that has more to do with time limits than anything. This one's up for a complete digital rehash for my final portfolio.

- March - Lonely Prince
I kind of liked this at the time. Now I really don't. There are just lots of rendering choices I made that I'm not happy with, but I do still kinda like the dog. This whole thing is a "kinda".

- April - Tatters (Schoolwork, Illustration)
WOAH HO HO, HELLO DIGITAL STUFF FOR SCHOOL, HOW ARE YOU DOING FINE THANK YOU. I freaking loved this and loved working on this. Definitely going to be fixing it up for final portfolio.

- May - The Fire Ferrets
Me and some friends were on a Legend of Korra high at this point (it came crashing down, hard, later). The intricacies of "planning" are not my strong point, so these little buggers helped me work on that.

- June - Some Mohawk Action
Three. Three things from this month. Four if you count the painting I don't have a photo of. >_> Vacation and then internship beginnings for this month, so there was a lot going on. However! Marker. I love marker. And marker is fab on illustration board.

- July - Some Emotions, Dear Ret
Haha, GSona fun times...good ol' Tumblr tag, which behaves more like a dorm than anything else. This month was tough, and I almost went with the other 'sonas, but this has a special widget in my heart.

- August - Misadventures In Blood Temperature
I will never understand why August is the worst month for me to do arting. This ended up being my favorite, and more so because it's me going "look I can greyscale paint but not color". D'oh. Also because it holds some sentimental value, but you don't want to hear about that.

- September - Desert Pirate vs. Scorpster (Schoolwork, Illustration)
Senka got completely re-tooled for this one, and for the better, because now I am in love with the world she comes from. This marks the beginning of the end of my schooling, and the start of "I really, really need to grand slam all my projects".

- October - All 11 (Schoolwork, Illustration)
The bitty thumbnail is the most unhelpful preview of how I'm editing the piece for final portfolio. :V This got cranked out in four days, from sketch to print. Glad I have that skill, but not a good point for my sanity.

- November - Mango the Emperor (Schoolwork, Illustration)
Also known as "the pinnacle of my art career". Not much more to say about this one.

- December - Samba Sister and Bauhaus Boy
The year started with a marker piece and ended with one too. That's good. Have I mentioned I love markers? I love markers. And Sasha Nein. I mean markers.

This next year is going to be a doozy...college graduation, job searching, potential employment as an actual artist? I just need to get past final portfolio review first. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here's to 2013!

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