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My Team of Champs
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"Pokemon Silver" was the last Pokemon game I ever played. I spent hours thoroughly training my Pokemon. I was so thorough that I was more concerned with having strong Pokemon than beating the gym leaders. Which I didn't completely do.

My starter was a Chikorita named Narcissus. He was always by my side, kept safely in his Poke Ball. He evolved all the way to Meganium, and was the highest-level Pokemon I had in "Silver". He was one part of the team I used to beat the Elite Four. The other members of my team were Toughie the Graveler, Mystic the Dragonair, Schnozey the Hypno, Moonbeam the Umbreon, and Toss the Heracross.

I decided to honor them by drawing them. I used their appearances on Pokemon Stadium 2 as references for the colors. You know how nicknaming a Pokemon slightly changes its color in the "Stadium" games. That's why Moonbeam has navy fur and Toughie has a hint of purple in her stony exterior.

Try your best to ignore the lousy background. I had no idea what to do for one, so I put them on a silver pillar. You know, 'cause it's "Pokemon Silver". Dang, that's corny.

I drew my team a year or two ago for a Pokemon contest here on theO, but I never finished the drawing. I put off finishing it to save it for another Pokemon Challenge, but one never came. So, I decided that now is as good a time as ever, since I want to be more active in posting art on theO. I bet I'm going to Jynx jinx this in that once I submit this picture, a new Pokemon Challenge will pop up in the Fan Art section.

So, here is my tribute to my team. I was lucky that my "Silver" game lasted so long. Unfortunately, the battery died, taking all my Pokemon with it. I have dreamed of getting a new battery and catching 'em all (I even bought "Gold" from my brother and a copy of "Crystal" from a used media store). Alas, I never will get all of them because Mew and Celebi are unobtainable within the games. I never did buy new batteries, either. I haven't played a "Pokemon" game since.

Here's to my champs. I miss you guys. Rest in peace.

Done with pencil, colored pencils, and ink pens on sketch paper.

Pokemon Fan Art
champions, dragonair, gravler, heracross, hypno, meganium, pokemon silver, umbreon
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