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Hey look, I actually finished a digital drawing...! ;0; IT'S CRAY-ZAY! This hardly ever happens. xD;

Anyways, these are my characters from my comic Of Fruits and Vegetables. On the top we have Tomato, Danny (who hasn't appeared in the comic yet), and Gabe. On the bottom it's Janet (who goes by Jo), Kasey, and Stefan. I left out Tomato's Boyfriend and Dean just because. :9

As far as the overall picture, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. :,D Haha. I got kind of lazy on Stefan, though. Sorry Stefan. Also, the make-up. I'm not sure about it........ >u> Kasey always ends up looking a little weird every time I draw her, no matter what. Maybe it's her hairstyle...? Also, I'm not sure if this is going to be an official eye color change for Kasey. It probably will be, because the yellow eyes she used to have were kind of creepy...

And... yeah. That's all. ...I wonder how I used to end footnotes? xD; *Goes to check*

Rather abruptly, apparently.

Uncensored version on dA: [click]

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