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Play your cards well
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so i got mangastudio to work again! (so happy) i found the code stashed on a cd case I had from a while ago. it was quite a relief.
In this picture, i drew one of my OC's named kaigee. he's from the RP my friend guin (lei-chan) and I are writing. speaking of which--i need to get that to you soon.COME OVER THEN! >:3
so this is Kaigee Lacrosse'; he describes himself as a good-for-nothing bastard with a knack for getting himself and others into trouble. this is probably true. :0
he is a bit of a mafia goon: loves poker and playing cards, loves alcohol, all that really; but he also has a secret-he fights off evil like vampires and warewolfs. he took in a little girl, named Nana and the two of them live together.
one day; a mysterious girl came crashng into this bad-boys life: her name is Chi. kind of crasy really, our RP is going along amaziingly! >:D
i had a hard time with mangastudio's pen tools. I've been away from them for so long, i guess it's only natural. i was so unconfident with Mangastudio's coloring options- i sent it to photoshop. *tee hee* that was much better.
i also found out--with me overshading is the key. i think this picture turned out pretty good in the shading department! ^^ i just had to shade so much it looked unnatural...sounds redundant, but it worked in the end!
and i must say, this picture was HUGE untill i resized it. gave me so much trouble. ugghhhh!! `>n<
well, i think i am done with this little *cough* rant. I really hope you all like it- expecially you my little nii-chan! (Lei-Chan)
and let out RP change HISTORY *laughs*

oh, lyric credits go out to (one of my favorte bands of all time) Genesis
(phil collins)
yeah, the song land of confusion just reminds me of our RP so much, i have unofficialy/officialy been calling it that! *puppy eyes*

have a wonderful day.
smile lots

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card, confusion, genesis, hand, kaigee, king, lacrosse', land of confusion, lyrics, playing card, spade
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