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Fancy Estelle XD

OMG I drew a Zoid! XD ...but I cheated...I mostly traced this Lightning Saix off of a screenshot...and it was STILL hard o__O...seriously, at this point I don't know if I'll ever be able to draw these things freehand. doesn't mean I won't try, but yeah. I can't believe how hard these guys are to draw.

WHY does Estell have one of those gloves that they wore in Fuzors? because...I recently discovered I accidentally (yes accidentally) created her in the fuzors universe, I had stated that she developed when I was heavily playing Zoids Vs. III, so I said, "eh, she's a zoids vs. III OC"....well...guess what realm the zoids vs. III mission mode takes place in...yep...Fuzors.

So instead of fight it, I decided to and embrace it lol (and honestly, I've come to grudgingly accept that I enjoyed fuzors. so whateves)

Looks a little weird, has more than it's share of issues, but on one hand I've never drawn a head from this angle before, so I just decided to dive in and do it, it's about time, I've been drawing people for how many years now? 8/
and I think Estelle looks a little "weird" somehow anyways...and oddly I like her for it, not sure why *shrug* (fyi her outfit changed, grey sleeves now, white sleeves blended into her hair too much :/)

The overall look of the image is heavily influenced by the "eyecatches" made for most of the characters in Zoids Fuzors, sort of liked the idea of them and wanted to play with it. FYI if you are interested or curious about these "eyecatches" I've mentioned, they can be viewed here - Clicky - probably about the coolest thing to come out of that series' existence...kind of sad, but, hey...pretty pictures lol.

Primary zoid is cemented too now - Lightning Saix in the pearl-white color scheme (seen in the Battle Legends/Zoids vs. game series)

Anyways, this took WAAAAY longer than I thought it would, originally it was going to be a full-body of Estelle but it just wasn't working, which was a sad choice to make because I loved how her pose came out and then I had to cut it in half :( ...I may just line up and color the full body pose and submit it just to not have it go to complete waste lol anyways enjoy this for what it's worth. later people.

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