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Alice for Eiri's new rp that can be found HERE!

Eh, I guess it turned out okay *looks at my sketch* But I like the sketch much better ;-; I always screw up the line arts.. </3

Anywho, this is Alice, or Aoiki. I've gotten too used to calling him Alice XD

Speaking of that...

Did I forget to mention Alice is a him? *shot*

Cross dresser to play the part of Alice~

Alice: *shoots me* Whops.

Me: *bleeds and dies*

But, back to the picture o3o

It looks really out of style for me... But I guess that's to be expected cause I have a bit of a drawing block.

Sorry I haven't used SAI in forever XDDD I thought I should start trying to use it again cause I'm going to start on my SS thing soon and gifts >3

I mostly like how the lips and eyes turned out. But I can't decide if I like how I colored the hair or not o-o It's just... Different.. Gah, and you can't even tell that I did any sort of shading for the skin -___-

Oh yeah, and the whole "Ace" this is Alice's rank. And about her necklace, I know it was supposed to be a ace card, but I forgot what they looked like and I wasn't sure what one to do (like clubs, hearts, etc.) So I just did a "A"

I'll draw a full body picture soon XD

Dedicated to Eiri's other account cause I feel like you might be on that one more *shot*

I hope you like it :D

PS sorry for being lazy and not doing a background.. It's just nothing looked right...

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Fan Art
Alice Aoiki wonderland
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