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Tati and Robyn

So. Got a new project on my hands. Not just any project, a comic, like, a legit comic. The sketch and the coloring is a pretty rushed job, they're just here to give some visuals to this idea.

Sooo some of you may know about Tati, a character of mine I very much love. But in an endeavor to get away from the whole "kinda sorta Doctor Who OC", I have decided to punt her into her future and give her a sidekick, Robyn.

Robyn is also an already existing kinda-sorta-DW-OC made by Trip. She's a young adult uncertain about what her future holds (college) but who has to move forward, and in the spirit of Who, has this weird woman (Tati) barraged into her life.

It takes a lot of inspiration from Doctor Who in that there's two peeps kickin' about on adventures in space and time, though mostly to alien planets rather than Earth. Ideally, it's a story about growing up but staying the same, something between a mentor and student who are also friends. Tati's just doing her thing and Robyn's along for the ride.

Also, apparently Tati looks very unwomanly and I'm kinda digging that.

A lot of things are still in the development process, obviously. But I swear, eventually, I'll get something going. 'cause I kinda have to.

(And for the three of you that care, don't worry, the Tati you're used to still exists. This is just her in the future.)

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